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Holle Organic Spelt Porridge 250g

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When to start: After 6 months as part of a balanced diet. Attributes: Contains gluten, unsweetened, milk free, stool softening, easily digestible Preparation: Multi-purpose product. Quick and easy preparation without cooking. Can be fed through a bottle or as a porridge in combination with fresh milk or as a non-dairy fruit or vegetable meal. Instead of fresh milk, the porridge may be prepared using a combination of Holle Spelt Porridge and Holle Organic Infant Formula 1 or Holle Organic Infant Follow-on Formula 2/3 or Holle Organic Infant Goat Milk Follow-on Formula. Production: The whole grain is prepared into a light, easily digestible and baby-friendly food. The full goodness of the grain is released with heat and moisture into the cereal and is therefore ideal for the development and growth of a baby. Through the use of the whole grain kernel, the natural contents and nutrients of the grain and seedling are retained. Quality: Organic and Biodynamic (Demeter) Important Information: Spelt is seen as a healing grain that is easily digestible. Compared to wheat, spelt is also higher in B complex vitamins and higher in both simple and complex carbohydrates. It also contains significantly more protein. Another important benefit which is due to its low gluten nature, is that people who suffer from wheat intolerance disease (gluten-sensitivity) have been able to include spelt-based foods in their diets. 有機斯佩爾特麥粥250g 何時可以開始進食: 六個月以後,作為均衡餐單的一部份 特點: 含麩質,無添加糖分,不含牛乳成份,幫助軟化大便,容易消化。 調製方法: 此為多用途產品,調製方法非常簡單快捷,不用烹煮。可以用瓶餵飼,或用鮮奶混合作嬰兒粥仔,或作為非奶類的水果/蔬菜餐。此產品也可用「凱莉」有機1號、2號、3號或有機山羊奶粉開的奶來代替鮮奶調製。 生產方式: 我們用上整粒穀物來製成此輕量,易消化及適合嬰兒的食品。在生產過程中加熱和濕後,穀物的完全養份可穫保留,所以此產品最適合成長中的嬰兒。用上整粒穀物的好處是保留它的天然本質及養份。 品質: 有機及乎合生物動態(Demeter)規格 重要資料: 斯佩爾特麥是一種有治癒功能及容易消化的穀物。和小麥比較,斯佩爾特麥含更多維生素B群、單元及多元碳水化合物。它含大量蛋白質,由於其麩質含量低,所以對小麥過敏的人,可以食用斯佩爾特麥所製的食物。

Holle Organic Spelt Porridge 250g


  • whole cereal spelt flour, Vitamin B1 (required by law)
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