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Organic Chard - Rainbow

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Chard is a member of the goosefoot family of plants, is a relative of beets, and comes in red and white. The red kind is standout in supermarkets. It’s very quick cooking – like spinach, in fact – so don’t overcook it or you’ll compromise its nutritional value. The leaf and steam can be prepared together or may be cooked and served separately as two different vegetables. It’s also perfectly fine raw.

A cup of cooked chard gives you almost 4 g of fiber, more than 100 mg of calcium, an incredible 961 mg of potassium, and more than 30 mg of vitamin C. And that’s just the beginning. You also get more than 10,000 – that’s right, 10,000 – IUs of vitamin A, more than 6,000 of beta-carotene, and a staggering 19,000 mcg of lutein and zeaxanthin, two members of the carotenoid family that are getting significant research attention for their ability to protect the eyes and guard against vision problems like macular degeneration.
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Organic Chard - Rainbow


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