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Corner Block Membership Card - CB Card
Corner Block is your healthy friendly corner store

CB Card

Want to shop and save with Corner Block?

Become a Corner Block Member today and get your free Corner Block Card (“CB Card”)!

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What is the CB Card?

The CB Card is a smart card for our loyalty program. It allows members to accumulate “CB Dollars” (a.k.a. bonus dollars) as part of our reward system. These CB Dollars can be used in-store and online! Members can also charge the card with credits to make future cash-free purchases, adding convenience to regular customers who frequently shop with us!

How can I become a Corner Block Member?

A single purchase of HK $600 or above, or a total purchase value of HK $1200 in a month, will entitle you to become a Corner Block Member. It’s easier than you think!

How can I accumulate CB dollars?

Every time you come into Corner Block and shop, we put CB Dollars on your CB Card for every purchase you make. So the more you spend, the more you can earn and save. It’s very simple!

More specifically, for every HK $100 purchased, you earn 1 CB Dollar and 1 CB Dollar is equivalent to HK $1. Your accumulated CB Dollars will be automatically stored on your CB Card for your future purchase.*

* CB Dollars are only valid for a period of 12 months, starting from the issuing of the bonus dollars. Any unused CB Dollars will not be valid after this expiry date.

How can I enjoy extra rewards?

Apart from earning CB Dollars, you can have an option to join our pre-payment scheme where you can store a pre-paid amount up to a maximum of HK $4,000. It is the most convenient way for you to shop and simultaneously receive CB Dollars and special discounts on fresh produce and grocery items (see the table below).

Get your CB Card

Tier Pre-Pay Produce Grocery
Raspberry $1000 -- 10%
Blueberry $2000 5% 10%
Blackberry $4000 10% 10%

Get your CB Card

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