Change is around the corner

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Our History

Corner Block is our bold new brand but our company actually began in 2008 under the name of O2H. In these past five years, O2H has become a popular organic grocery store in Hong Kong. But as a way to launch the company into an even bigger and brighter future, we wanted to celebrate O2H’s 5-year anniversary with the introduction of our new brand, Corner Block!

With O2H as our foundation, Corner Block is about “organic to home” and more. As a store, Corner Block is as fashionable as it is about fundamentals. We are sleek and clean, but soft and natural. In Hong Kong, we are a modern convenient store that symbolizes a breath of fresh air, a pleasant surprise for any urban neighbourhood. With an aesthetic that transcends the conventional trends of being green, Corner Block symbolizes the continual progression towards healthier lives, happier communities, and transformed cities.

At Corner Block, change is around the corner. And change is good.

Corner Block Membership Card - CB Card

For existing O2H LOC club members

If you are an existing LOC club member with “loc” dollars on your LOC card, don’t worry. Your LOC card is still accepted at existing O2H locations (visit for store locations). Or better yet, become a Corner Block member and exchange your LOC card with a Corner Block card! We will transfer any existing value onto your new card, so you will be good to go. With Corner Block, healthy living has never been this convenient.

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